2 Pair (4PCS) Silicone Heel Protector, Anti Crack Heel Protector


🌼Heal anti-crack set is made of soft and durable medical-grade silicone gel which is non-toxic, odorless, and free of latex! Totally environmental-friendly and healthy material
🌼Silicone heel gel sleeves can reduce pains of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis tendon, heel spurs, and sore heel, and also can repair dry and cracked heels. Great for running, walking, standing
🌼Heel protector is designed with small holes to allow ventilation to reduce uncomfort. You will feel comfortable when wearing socks, and shoes.
🌼Our heel pads for relief are designed to fit most sizes of feet for both men and women. No need to worry about your shoe size.
Help for Heel with:

We give you a silicone heel pad that is thicker and super stretchy, so you get enough support and relief from the foot and heel pain that comes with:
🌹Plantar Fasciitis

🌹Tendonitis Pain

🌹Heel Spurs

🌹Cracked Heel


All-Day Comfort:


1. It can be reused and is easy to clean with water or soap.

2. If it becomes sticky after cleaning, you can put any baby powder or talcum powder.

3. Air dry naturally or by paper, not the sun.


Best for Heel Pain Treatment, Cracked Heel Protectors, Relieve Heel spurs and Tingling, sore feet, plantar fasciitis, treat stress fractures and sprained feet when walking or running…

Apply Lotion for Best Result:
You can also apply moisturizing lotion on the heel before bedtime, then put on our moisturizing silicone pads for a better effect.

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