Baby Child Anti Lost Wrist Link Safey Harness Strap Rope Leash Walking Hand Belt Band Wristband For Toddlers


Product details
🏵️ Easy to carry and use
🏵️ Can connect with a hand, backpack, stroller, or what you can think
🏵️ Very flexible and safe.
🏵️ The two cuffs, one on each end
🏵️ Soft and smooth
🏵️ Great for long-time use to crowded places like squares, supermarkets, subways, and airports.
🏵️ Stainless steel + 360 degrees rotating
Child Anti Lost Wrist Link Straps Features:
🏵️ Child wrist links that are specially created for your children.
🏵️ Your child will not be irritated by environmentally friendly fabrics and robust materials.
🏵️ Anti-pricking won’t injure your baby’s wrist, and it’s perfect for long periods of time in crowded settings like the supermarket, subway, or park.
How To Use:
🏵️ All you have to do now is connect the wristbands to the hands of adults and children, respectively. The shrinking chain can be extended up to 1.5 meters, and the circumference of the wrist strap on the children’s hand side (the smaller side) can be changed up to 14 centimeters.
Dimensions ‎6.89 x 4.41 x 1.69 inches
Weight 90 gm
Color Random
Material Stainless Steel



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