(Pack of 6) Baby Drawer Cabinet Cupboard Baby Safety Locks Kids Plastic Infant Protection For Cabinet Refrigerator Window Closet


Product detail:
🌹This product can be used in drawers, refrigerators, cabinet doors and cupboards, toilets, and another multi-purpose lock.
🌹To prevent the baby from opening, eating, or messing up the inside of the goods, in order to avoid the happening of the accident.
🌹Each Lock Consists of one interlocking system and two double sided tape for fixing on the desired surface
🌹 Toolless installation. Peel and paste model. Very Convenient.
🌹Protect baby from unexpected danger of hitting sharp edges of furniture cupboard drawer etc.
🌹Easy to install.
🌹First, open the two adhesive tapes.
🌹Paste in as per the desired locked position of the lock and drawer.
🌹After a few hours feel free to unlock and use
🌹Cute design, and no damage, scratch, or stains on the furniture.
🌹Practical design, convenient to use.
🌹High-quality material, fashionable and durable.
🌹color: Blue

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