Digital Food Weight LCD Display Kitchen Food Scale Measuring Spoon Scale Cups


💫Scale: The capacity is 500g and the graduation is 0.1g
💫Measuring spoon: 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 25ml, 30ml
💫Auto power off after 5 minutes idle time
💫LCD screen for users to conveniently read data
💫With tare, units conversion and manual lock functions
Button functions:
\u2022 ON / OFF / TARE: Press the button for about 3 seconds to power off
Tare function: Put the container of items in the spoon and press the ON / OFF / TARE button, then put the items in the container and the LCD will show the net weight
\u2022 MODE: Unit conversion. Long press the button to convert units – g – oz – gn – ct ( 1000g = 35oz )
\u2022 HOLD: Lock function. When the display is static, press this button to lock and display the weighing value
Battery: Powered by 1 x CR2032 battery ( not included )
💫Perfect for tea weighting, coffee weighting, seasoning weighting, medicinal materials weighting etc.
💫It is certificated by CE, RoHS
💫Note: The food and bowl are not included

💫Digital Spoon™ is a digital spoon that scales dry ingredients in weight and volume. It is equipped with an easy-to-read LCD display, and the spoon can hold up to 300 grams or 2.5 ounces with auto power-off function when not in use.

💫To use this innovative Electronic Measuring Spoon with LCD Display, simply push and hold the START button to switch it on or off, place the spoon on a flat surface and start pouring ingredients in small quantities until you get your desired weight. Press the HOLD button to freeze the reading on display.

💫Digital Spoon™ is perfect for recipe making, reading, and note-taking.

Package Includes:
💫1 x Digital Food Weight LCD Display Kitchen Food Scale Measuring Spoon Scale Cups

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