Pack of 12 – Sky Lantern Large Size


❃Loads Of Fun For Wedding, Picnics, Parties & More
❃Eye Catching
❃Safe to Use
❃High Quality
❃At least two people are necessary to light a lantern.
❃Remove the sky lanterns carefully from the plastic wrapping, being careful not to rip or tear the delicate rice paper.
❃Before igniting the sky lantern, hold it by the cane rim and carefully expand it fully to remove any fold or creases. This will ensure that the lantern will take off safely once ignited.
❃To ignite the lantern one person must hold it by the top and the bottom rim while the other person lights the fuel cell by holding a flame against it for a few seconds.
❃The lantern will soon fill with hot air from the ignited fuel cell touch then it will be ready to be released in approximately 30 seconds.
❃Hold the lantern by the rim until the lantern is ready to be released then let it go once it is ready to drift into the sky.
❃Confirm the wind direction before releasing the lanterns. This will ensure that there will be are no likely obstacles.
❃Do not release any lanterns within a five-mile radius of any airports.
❃The flight path of the lanterns should be free from trees and buildings.
❃Do not release lanterns in strong wind conditions above 5mph.
❃Avoid lighting lanterns close to dry crop fields.
❃Please read our release instructions before igniting the lanterns.
❃Keep the lanterns away from an exposed flame while unpacking and before use.
❃Do not ignite lanterns whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
❃Do not smoke whilst close to the lanterns.
❃Before use, all lanterns should be stored in a secure, dry area away from children.
❃Make sure that all children are supervised and away from the source of ignition during the release.
❃Wear protective clothing when igniting the lanterns. This should include the use of gloves and non-flammable clothing.
❃Always make sure that any exposed flames are supervised and never left unattended.
❃Ensure you have water or a fire extinguisher to hand.
❃Be safe and have fun!

Package Includes:
❃12 x Sky Lantern Large Size

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