Plastic Kitchen Sink Organizer Sponge and Brush Holder Storage Organizer


✅ Made with a very innovative design to store kitchen and bathroom accessories
✅ Holds all the daily needs for sink like dishwasher brush, sponge and Pot Scrubber, etc
✅ Adjustable strap hangs caddy from kitchen sink faucet (fits most standard faucets)
✅ The entire product can be dismantled which makes it easy to clean
✅ Organize storage space with ease in the sink area.
✅ Water and soap will drain into the kitchen sink and not accumulate in the bottom

✅ Sink organizer with Drain holes prevents water from accumulating and promotes sanitary drying. This feature allows residual water to drain away. It ensures there’s plenty of airflows so any excess moisture can evaporate. A dryer environment helps tools stay cleaner and protects the countertop from potential water damage.
✅ Durable Plastic and Rubber Construction for Kitchen Organization: These materials are water-resistant, so they’ll withstand frequent use in high-moisture environments, like next to the basin. They also resist marking and damage when bumped with dishes and tools.

Package Includes:
1 x Sink Organizer Sponge and Brush Holder and Organizer

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