Premium Gesture Sensing Watch Control RC stunt Car


Product details:

  • Two Control Modes: Gesture Sensing Twist and Remote Control. You can gesture control stunt twist car. You just need to wear a gesture-sensing watch and give a gesture, and the remote control car will act accordingly. Or you can control it directly via the remote control.
  • All-Round Drift: Our wheels use Mecanum wheels, which can drift in all aspects. Not only can 360°rotation,but also walk sideways, which can let you have more fun.
  • Two Modes of Transformation: The remote control car has two modes: On flat ground you can use on-road mode and on rough roads you can use off-road mode. Double-sided driving makes this car more flexible, and you can continue to drive in the event of an accidental collision during driving.
  • The Strong Anti-jamming Performance: The remote control car has a wireless control system which runs with a 2.4GHz frequency. What means that it can offer a stable signal and it has an anti-jamming function which without remote confusion though two or more vehicle racing together.
    Technical specifications:
     Dimensions: 26x15x7 cm
     Wireless: yes
     Control: wrist controller
    – Control range: up to 80-100m
    – Charging: USB cable
    – Rechargeable battery: Lithium 7.4v 500 mAh
    – Charging Time: 3h
    – 360-degree drift
    – Features: two modes: folded and
    – Durable material, drop and impact resistant


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