Soft Star Pillow With Glowing LED Light


Product details
🌹 LED Light up Pillow is the perfect gift for children, sweethearts, and beloved ones, or just use it to add a uniquely beautiful design to your room and to create a special atmosphere.
🌹 Instructions: Open the zip and press the On Switch, then use the outside On button to ON or Off the pillow
🌹 We make our LED light-up Pillows from high-quality materials! 50% cotton and? share which gives the pillows extra softness and comfort touch. The LED lights inside are built specially and very small that you don’t even feel them when you touch the pillow so you can use it as a regular pillow with light or without the light.
🌹 Color:Random
🌹 Material: PP cotton
🌹 Size:40cm; 35×40cm/13.7×1.57in
🌹 Package:1× Star Pillow.

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