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❋The manual citrus juicer is made of high-quality aluminum. It is corrosion resistant and doesn’t react with fruits. Never worry about the health and original flavor of the juice.
❋Add efficiency to your juicing process with this fruit and vegetable squeezer extractor for superior leverage, designed for maximum juice output
ELEGANT STREAMLINED DESIGN: User-friendly handle design, comfortable grip, easier juicing
SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS FRUITS: Such as Lemon,orange, grape, apple,watermelon, mango,, etc.

✾Made from high-end aluminum alloy which gives it a long life.
✾The premium quality of lemon and lime squeezer makes sure that the handle doesn’t bend when squeezing lemons.
✾Wipes clean with soft towel in a few seconds.
✾It must be hand wash to keep it shine.
✾The heavy duty construction and ergonomic design, it squeezes fruit quick and effortlessly.
✾The polished finish makes it’s easy to wash, no smudges or sickies, just make sure to rinse after every use.
✾To use, place half of a lemon in the squeezer with the cut side facing down.
✾This allows the juice to drain directly out of the holes.
✾Squeezing the handles together inverts the lemon peel, guaranteeing that the maximum volume of juice is produced.
✾The design gives you more juice by extracting every last drop of juice from your fruits.
✾Weight: 770 Grams
✾Dishwasher safe

This juicer can press pomegranate, lemon, watermelon, orange and other fruit ingredients. After use, please clean with cold water and dry it before storing, so as to avoid oxidation of the surface of the machine by residual juice water. To keep the juicer fresh, do not wash it in hot water or in the dishwasher.

Package Includes:
1 x Manual Juice Squeezer



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