Turmeric Essential Oil 10ml Organic Turmeric Oil For Dark Spots 100 Pure Therapeutic Grade Turmeric Oil For Moisturizing


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🏵️【Make Your Skin Healthier】As the seasons change, your skin often suffers from dehydration and spots. Turmeric Essential Oil provides you with plenty of moisture to help reduce fine lines and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.
🏵️【Quick Absorption】Whether you have dry or oily skin, our non-greasy Turmeric Face Oil absorbs quickly into your skin, providing ample moisture to calm, soothe and brighten your complexion.
🏵️【Helps Cleanse Skin】For topical application, dilute a drop or two of Turmeric Essential Oil Organic in a carrier of your choice. Best of all, you can use it to help relieve tension in your head and neck.
🏵️【Safe and Effective】Turmeric Face Oil is obtained by distillation of turmeric root, which is a pure and natural authentic essential oil. Each herb has been carefully selected to be safe and effective without irritating the skin.
🏵️【Widely Used】One of the perfect ways to realize all the benefits of turmeric aromatherapy oil is to use it in an aromatherapy diffuser. Turmeric oil can also be used as a massage oil to support joint pains and relieve inflammation.
Turmeric oil helps balance skin tone and keeps skin looking healthy and hydrated. Fights tones and leaves your skin with a fresh, natural glow while maintaining skin moisture and tone balance.

✿ Name: Turmeric Essential Oil
✿ Capacity: 10ml
✿ Shelf life: 3 years
✿ Storage methods: in a cool and ventilated place
✿ Efficacy: anti-aging, brightening skin tone
✿ Weight: 25g

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Essential oil*1

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