Warm Toilet Seat Cover Mat Bathroom Toilet Pad Cushion with Handle Thicker Soft Washable Close stool Warmer Accessories


Product details
🌼 The toilet seat cover provides easy and comfortable sitting.
🌼 These seat covers are made of high-quality fibers.
🌼 These seat covers are soft, warm, and durable.
🌼 Anti-slip toilet commode seat cover does not move from its place.
🌼 Its beautiful designs and color add a unique touch to your bathroom.
🌼 These covers are waterproof and easy to wash.
🌼 Package Size: 180 x 130 x 50 mm
🌼 Warm, comfortable, material mild, and not irritating to the skin.
🌼 Thickened and washable
🌼 Made of durable material and beautiful design.
🌼 It is healthy for you, warms your skin, and is easy to clean
🌼 Stylish simple exterior design, better environment, and mood.
🌼 Material: polyacrylonitrile fiber, soft and comfortable
🌼 Package Content: 1 x toilet seat cover


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